Turbo Install Guide
Check the operation of the engine to ensure it meets manufacturer’s specifications.
Replace oil supply line in all gasoline applications.
Do not use a thread sealer (silicone) on any oil line.
Check oil drain for restrictions effecting flow such as kinked or deteriorated rubber sections and sharp bends.
Check for contamination and obstructions such as kinked, worn, and plugged oil lines and oil passages. If applicable, check inter or after cooler for the same. Remove and thoroughly clean the inter or after cooler.
Replace air filter element. Check for flow restrictions in both intake and exhaust, including catalytic converter.
Inspect for and remove all foreign objects from the intake air tract, and secure all hoses.
Replace oil and oil filter. Replace any crankcase breather elements.
Verify that the actuator “C” clip is secure.
Verify oil drain direction is vertical.
Verify tightness of all clamps and bolts, secure lock tabs if applicable.
After installation, ensure to remove all tools from engine compartment.
Before starting engine, disable either fuel or ignition system to allow engine to be cranked without starting. Engine must be cranked until normal oil pressure is achieved. Once oil pressure is achieved, then you may start the engine. Repeat after all oil changes.
Common Causes Of Turbo Failure
Hot shut down. That is, turning engine off prematurely without allowing sufficient time for the turbo to cool.
Infrequent oil, oil filter, and air filter changes.
Foreign matter and / or obstructions in turbo charger air or oil system.
Improper engine maintenance. Operating engine when out of tune or in need of adjustment or maintenance.
Related engine part or engine failure. For example, a cracked head, broken or worn piston rings, blown head gasket, clogged radiator, and impact damage due to accident. Remember, we are not Wal-Mart, we only cover defects in material and/or workmanship. Also, we have the last say in what the failure analysis renders. We do not cover
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Turbo Install Guide
Common Causes Of Turbo Failure
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